Welcome to Hoodpage

Hoodpage – through the https url eclient.app was launched on August 1, 2020 as the public facing hub for all domain names held by Royce Hood and the Hood Digital Trust.  Hoodpage also deploys a number of useful tools for private clients including demos for conceptualizing websites and e-services.

eclient.app is the primary url being used to host all Hood Family domains, websites and HoodCo client sites.  eclient.app is built using wordpress multisite with the buddypress plugin and the divi theme.

Brief history (written by Royce Hood).   I started registering domain names back in the year 2005.  Since then the world of domaining has changed and evolved.  In 2005 there were a handful of top level domains and country code domains available for consumers to register.  Today there are 1500+ domain name formats available.  From the well known .com to the lesser known .condo to everything in between.  You can do a free search to see some of the different domain types at zoobits.com.   Just type in a word or phrase to see what comes up.  Anyway, as of 2020 I own somewhere around 200 domains.

Instead of having dozens of different websites I wanted to create a generic platform to develop multiple websites on.  I needed a platform to demonstrate concepts and to launch a network for my domains.  Hence eclient.app.   With eclient.app I intend to build out multiple concepts and sites for use in commerce and for demo purposes.  I am also pleased to help a handful of friends and private clients with building out demos and sites for their own domains or campaigns.



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