We Need Catholic Music


August 20, 2021, Brainstorming on Catholic Music Ministry.   More and more I am feeling called to launch a music ministry focused on supporting, distributing and promoting artists who live according to the doctrines of the Catholic Faith, and who make music that complements the same.  I’m not talking about sacred music, for which we should have nothing but the upmost respect for.  Instead I am talking about contemporary music that can used as a tool for evangelization and entertainment.   We need music that is fun, catchy, entertaining and inspirational.

Christian music as a space is in fact a highly successful industry complete with studios, labels, tours and radio.  Meanwhile in the catholic world we have satellites beaming EWTN across the world.  We have a dedicated station on Satellite radio.  We have independent catholic radio stations across the country.  At least as the big operations are concerned the programming which runs 24/7 consists almost exclusively of talk radio.  Where is the music?  It’s out there we just need to organize it and statistically define a space for contemporary Catholic Music.

We need music broadcasting:

  1. Create a podcast/radio program to be broadcast weekly that showcases musicians who are catholic along with their music.  In the short-time distribution would occur via podcast streaming services, youtube and online.   However as programming develops we could seek to expand distribution to include groups like EWTN, Relevant, Shalom, and Sirius.  We would seek to syndicate this program to existing networks for a 1 hour weekly program.  The show would consist of audio/visual elements.  Perhaps increasing consistency depending on demand with the same show repeating several times per week.
  2. We can reach the world with the internet.  I am also very curious is leasing space on an existing broadcast satellite to control space and syndication.  From there we could look at creating an independent network.
  3. The low hanging fruit for the above is of course using social media and no cost platforms to begin distribution.

Live Events and Tours:

  1. Any solid music ministry is going to want to create live events and potentially tours.  Live events can include real world praise and worship events or virtual live streams.   Tours could be booked based on demand for artists under the bill.

Business Model:

  1. Nonprofit ministry.
  2. Program and music production.
  3. Label components with publishing, distribution and live events for artists.
  4. Network for syndication and broadcasting.


  1. There is huge demand for goodness.  We don’t have to create all the content. There are numerous independent ministries, artists and lay apostolates focused on music, media and film.  For funding we would need be creating in using tools such as crowdfunding and proven development strategies.
  2. As syndication for the potential broadcasting expands we can offer donor subscription perks and limited advertisements and placements.
  3. Music sales.  Music sales are historically difficult to generate meaningful revenue from.  So this is not part of the funding plan. Rather the music would be part of the charitable program in terms of making available for audiences to enjoy.
  4. Live events can provide revenue and potentially opportunities for artists to generate income.

More thoughts soon.

~ Royce