Okay.xyz has been sold via Afternic.  The domain was originally registered between 2014-2015 during the launch of the .xyz gTLD.  The sale was reported to DNJournal.com which will publish its end of 2022 domain sales report on January 12.   Okay.xyz was probably undersold in terms of long-term value.   Now with just a handful of single-word .xyz names left in the HDT portfolio prices across the board are being raised to reflect long-term goals.

Names left in the single-word folio for .xyz include:

  • Attorneys.xyz 
  • Catholic.xyz
  • Nacho.xyz
  • Nachos.xyz
  • Numismatist.xyz
  • Texas.xyz
  • Tuus.xyz
  • uke.xyz
  • vlogs.xyz

The HDT folio also dropped numerous double-word .xyz names to decease holding costs and to spark aftermarket / dropped auction speculation (feeding the space so to speak).  High sales on double-word domains will increase the value for names in the .xyz space across the board.

A few other names still held in the .xyz space include:

  • RumBar.xyz
  • MovieProducer.xyz
  • UFONews.xyz
  • Prayerful.xyz
  • Priesthood.xyz
  • YachtBrokers.xyz
  • DraftPick.xyz
  • DraftPicks.xyz 

For sale domains are now pointed to the Domaininlet profile via Afternic: See: https://www.afternic.com/listings/domaininlet