+he Catholic Music Awards

Celebrating Music, Ministries, Apostolates and Catholic Artists

We want to discover, catalog, promote and celebrate great Catholic music and musicians. 

+he Catholic Music Awards are dedicated to celebrating music ministries, apostolates and catholic artists including musicians, music directors, film producers, broadcasters, publishers, bloggers, teachers and others who promote Catholic Music. 

When people think of Catholic Music they likely think of classical works or sacred or liturgical compositions.  However the Catholic Music space extends far beyond the walls of the parish and includes an evolving variety of artists, media and apostolates that distribute and publish incredible content.  In the spirit of Saint John Paul II’s new evangelism, the Catholic Music Awards seeks to identify, discover, catalog and promote the Catholic music space.   

Award Categories Include:




Fulton Sheen Award

Evangelism through Media

Trophy/Statue and $$$

St. Michael Award

Defense of the Faith

Medal and $$$

St. Gabriel Award

Messenger of God’s Word through Music

Medal and $$$

St. Rafael Award

Healer through Ministry

Medal and $$$

St. Cecilia Award

Best Parish Music Director

Medal and $$$

Our Lady of Fatima

Most Public Display of Catholic Music

Medal and $$$

Contemporary Music Awards

Fulton Joseph Award for evangelism

Francis Clement Award for creativity

Best contemporary artist



Trophy and $$

Sacred Music Award

Best Sacred Music Artist

Medal and $$$

Album of the Year

Best Catholic Music Album (all categories)

Medal and $$$

Producer of the Year

Best Catholic Producer

Medal and $$$

Broadcast Award

Best Catholic Broadcaster

Medal and $$$

Best Music Video

Best music video (to artist, producer and team)

Medal and $$$

Music Teacher of the Year Award

Outstanding leadership in the classroom

Medal and $$$

  Subject to selection and qualifications  


General Details.

  1. Free to Nominate (donations accepted to underwrite prizes and costs)
  2. Attend In-Person (Limited capacity on first come first serve basis.  $50 admission)

Live Event to be held in Schaumburg, Illinois July 28 at 2:00 pm as part of the Law of Life Summit at Momentum’22 Event.  Details available soon.  

  1. Free to Attend via Live Webcast to be held on July 28th at 2:00 pm.  Registration details will be available soon.
  2. Sponsorships available Your organization or Cause is invited to present an award!   Details available soon.

Nominate.  Anyone may nominate themselves or another for consideration for the Catholic Music Awards.  

Criteria for Nominees: Nominees must be Catholic.  By all outward appearance should demonstrate respect for the social teachings of the Catholic Church (in life, career and through their art).  

Nominate Now. (link available soon)

Vetting process.  Nominees will be vetted by the Nomination Committee.  Nominees who make it through vetting process will be published in the CatholicTalent.com catalog and via the CMA official website (released prior to the CMA event). 

Open voting for finalists.  Fans, friends, family and supporters may vote for their favorite nominees.  Finalist-nominees move on the finalist category and will be published 30 days before the official CMA Event. 

Winners.  The Awards Committee will determine winners who will be announced during the Live CMA Event.  Criteria for winning includes but is not limited to accomplishments in music (local or national), impact in a diocese or community, votes received, quality of production(s) and other factors such as social media profiles, letters of recommendation and most importantly the prayerful discernment of members of the Awards Committee.  

Attendance. All finalists are encouraged to attend in-person or live via webcast.  

For 2022 the inaugural Catholic Music Awards (the “CMA Event”) will be 1-hour long on July 28th at 2:00 pm in Schaumburg, Illinois.  The CMA Event is being held in connection with the Law of Life Summit at the Catholic Marketing Network’s annual conference and trade show called Momentum’22.

Join us in Schaumburg on July 27 through the 28th for the Law of Life Summit at Momentum’s.  Access to the Catholic Music Awards is included with registration to the Law of Life Summit (or may be purchased separately).   The Law of Life Summit will include multiple sessions, workshops and networking opportunities including a VIP Reception and Concert on July 27 (the day before the CMA Event).  

Register for only the Catholic Music Awards (July 28)

Register for the entire Law of Life Summit with access to the Catholic Marketing Expo (July 27 and 28)

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