| Florida Collection of Domains 

Florida is awesome.  No personal income tax.  Great weather.  Beautiful beaches.   Green trees year round.  Sure the seasons in the north are fun but there is something so refreshing about that salt air.  Geographic and climate benefits aside, Florida is growing for a number of reasons.  Namely Florida has a terrific business climate.  It’s a growing state and a year round tourist destination.  With population growth comes an increase in demand for all things Florida.  I’m betting on a handful of Florida related domains.   


Florida related domains in the BizFL Collection include: This is one of the first domains I ever registered. is a premium, dot com domain.  The value of a domain can be calculated in a number of subjective and objective ways.  For a domain like BizFL the metrics are simple: Domain type (.com), Length (5 characters), radio test (it is spelled like it sounds) and utility (tons of potential applications).  The applications for are endless but I imagine the domain could be used as a Florida business portal.  With tools for entity formation if developed from the legal side.  Or perhaps a business ranking and directory site.  So on and so forth.  What’s your idea?  Contact me if you have an idea for development. along with my other Florida domains may be available for sale, for lease, or for joint venture.

Presently serves as a demo site for all of my Florida related domains. paired with the singular A demo site is currently live.   The concept here is really simple but has tons of potential usefulness.  On the public side: Boating, surfing, fishing and water sports are huge in Florida. can serve as an inlet waypoint directory.  Features might include 24/7 surf cam feeds, boat and slip classifieds, fishing hole charts, tide charts and destination information.  Perhaps user generated content to include photos and reviews.  Perhaps tourist info for refreshments and accommodations.   Regarding real estate the platform could focus on or include details on waterfront communities.

From the business side could in theory provide a valuable tool for lead and client aggregation or referrals.  For example inquiries related to boatslips, boats or yachts could generate valuable leads.  Likewise real estate leads could be divided into territories based on the particular inlet and surrendering area.   Ad revenue from travel and destination placement could also be incorporated.

As the world trends more virtual perhaps some AI or 3D components can be integrated to provide users with a visual and audio experience in place of physical travel.  Not to replace physical travel but more as a selling point for Florida waterways as a destination.   I love this concept.   For now will be held as the demo site until further development.  Inquiries welcome.

Additional Domains related to Florida:

  • paired with  Could be cool for clothing or perhaps a tropical style restaurant.
  • paired with Perfect business domain.  In 2017 I nearly launched a real estate company under the same name but put the project on hold due to career opportunities.
  • Floridian.TV: Similar to – Floridian.TV would be a terrific domain for a VLOG platform dedicated to all things Florida.  Perhaps a streaming platform for content produced in or exclusively about the Sunshine State.  Perhaps interviews with Florida business owners, residents, celebrities, and professionals on all things Florida.  Could be a fun and cool platform.
  • This site was once developed as a free multiple listing service.  I regret not developing it further.  The site concept was incredible and screenshots can be seen at wayback machine archive site (go back to between 2007 and 2009). When the time is right I fully intend to dust this off and relaunch the listing platform in conjunction with a larger real estate venture.


  • Just a cool domain.  .net is not as desirable as .com but I think this one has brand potential for something.
  • A relatively unknown domain extension, reef is a single word domain and I think super cool.
  • paired with Besides the reference to water these domains don’t necessarily have anything to do with Florida.   Concept might include some sort of aquarium play perhaps for higher end designers.
  • Concept might include a retail component.