I’ve been creating music for as long as I can remember.  So when I first starting registering domains back around 2008 or so I snapped up iCreateArt.com.   Over the years this domain has been listed for sale.  I’ve received a number of offers for it but I’m holding out until the time is right to either part ways or to build it.  CONCEPT: I think iCreateArt.com would be a perfect domain for people to share their own creations be it music, video, photography, literature.   Maybe adding in applications for virtual collaboration (which is why I also registered iVirtualStudio.com).    Here are a few domains related to the media, art, music, film and literature space. 

  • – iCreateArt.com paired with iCreateArt.net.   
  • – BookDeal.org paired with BookDeal.net.  
  • – CatholicFilmFund.com 
  • – CatholicFilmFoundation.com 
  • – ConquerFear.tv
  • – CrackedStone.com: Currently serving as demo site for music publishing and blog site. 
  • – Domaininlet.com
  • – Floridian.tv 
  • – Hoodpage.com 
  • – IdeaChair.com 
  • – iVirtualStudio.com 
  • – Screening.tv paired with ScreeningTV.com 
  • – WorkForHire.org 






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