ListingGuru Showcase

Weekly Top Producer Showcase.   Discovering personalities, tricks, trades and revealing the secrets of their success.   But online other podcasts/shows this one features Top Producers showcasing each other.

Purpose: Marketing, Promotions, Publicity and Education.

Audio, Visual and Transcripts

Production for ListingGuru will include an audio/visual podcast format with full transcripts of the show.  Produced weekly and published via national podcast distribution channels, youtube and other social media channels.  

Weekly show produced using podcast technology.  Distributed through major streaming networks.  

Revenue model.  Subscription.  

Other ideas for revenue: Could the top producers become part of a ListinGuru network?  Invitation only based on sales volume.  What is the ListingGuru Network?  A network of top producers available for team trainings, workshops, speaking events and coaching.  ListingGuru charges speaker fees/honorarium. – referral fees as lic. Brokerage Firm.