Random But Cool Domains

  • BurbGuru.com paired with SuburbGuru.com: potentially cool for a real estate brokerage company perhaps in or around a big city like Chicago or Dallas. 
  • Cali.xyz: think all things California.  I’ve included this domain in at least one other portfolio listing.  It can be considered a geographic domain.  .XYZ is a newer gTLD and has yet to gain much recognition among consumers.  Still all it takes is one successful website to benefit the XYZ space.
  • Okay.xyz: Just a cool single word gTLD. 
  • Slacks.biz: I love this domain.  I feel like it could be useful as a branding play.  .Biz is gaining a ton of traction and will likely continue to become more common in consumer markets. 
  • DockBench.com paired with DockBenches.com: Plural and singular play.  I think the concept here is really simple: literally benches for docks.  But who knows could also be a solid branding play. 

  • SoloNook.com: When I registered this my thought was a shared professional space business focusing at first on a city such as Chicago and growing out from there.  


  • GeneticTesting.me: Such a cool domain.  The .ME space has a few well known sites such as Join.me.  This is potentially a search engine optimization play for the genetic testing space.  I have a feeling this space may become valuable as technology for genetic mapping becomes more affordable for the masses. 

  • Illinois.vip: Perfect for some Illinois based platform.  Perhaps real estate.  Perhaps who’s who of business or other consumer rankings.  
  • PRearth.com: A public relations firm perhaps or maybe some brandable news wire platform.  I’ve this one for a long-time and don’t plan to let it go anytime soon. 

Domains may be available for sale, joint venture, lease or development proposals.  Serious inquiries invited. 

Visit: https://eclient.app/holdings/domain-inquiry/