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Wish list for Ava, Gabriel, Augustine, Leo, Royce Aaron and Family





Royce Aaron



Zager Custom American Made Acoustic:



Misc.’s wishlist uses Amazon Affiliate links.  This site demonstrates how too monetize product links in a cool and fun way.  The concept for “WishList(s)” is that anyone can create wishlists for their family.  Product links can result in affiliate commissions that could then either go back to the buyer, be directed to the recipient or even be pooled for a charitable donation.   Give a gift that gives twice would be a cool slogan.

For 2021, Ava and Gabriel will be learning how to search for and find cool products that they like.  From there they will learn how to generate the amazon embed code and paste that code to their webpage through  This concept could be extended for nonprofits, people in need, etc.  More to come!