Cracked Stone Music Purveyors

Discovering Catholic Artists

Not a label better.

Faith, Hope and Love.  Cool and Classy.  Unique and enjoyable.  High quality.   Those words describe the values and mission of Cracked Stone.   Stated differently Cracked Stone is on a mission to publish, distribute and promote music that doesn’t pollute the mind or soul.  Conservative principles with christian-catholic values.  The goal is to discover and promote music that will inspire and that will respect the dignity of the listener and the artist.  Although not a religious label per say Cracked Stone is strictly focused on music that is not contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church or Christian values.

That means our music will:

  1. Promote the dignity of the human person.
  2. Promote the virtue over vice
  3. Not glorify sin
  4. Glorify acts of faith, bravery and sacrifice
  5. Celebrate the sanctity of life the sanctity of marriage and the beauty of religious vocations
  6. Be fun, original, catchy, cool and classy (not cheesy)
  7. Be compatiable with the 10 Commandments and with the teachings of Jesus Christ
  8. Be high quality and awesome


Cracked Stone is on the look out for musicians and influencers who are not afraid to be classy and conservative in the shadow of an increasingly secular world.

Do you:

Have great music?  Cherish and respect the Sacraments of the Church?   Live a life that is not contrary to your faith?   Write music that is not contrary to your faith?

Music doesn’t have to be preachy.  They will know us by our love.  Be true to your soul and your faith will be reflected in your craft.  Drop a line and share your craft.