Recap from the 1st Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit!

The first Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit included pro-life leaders, advocates and organizations from around the country!  Leaders from groups such as Choose Life Marketing, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Heroic Media and more!   The idea is simple: Unite national and local leaders to energize, strategize and network as we seek to build a culture of life.  The Summit harnesses the power of national expertise with local ingenuity. By showcasing national strategy and by highlighting local resources we can build momentum.

The Naples Pro-Life Summit isn’t just another conference.  Rather the Summit is a collection of activities and events designed to embody the following words:

Energize: Recognizing the demanding toll pro-life work takes on leaders and advocates alike, the Naples Summit seeks to create an environment for rest, fellowship and renewal.

Strategize: Recognizing the incredible wealth of information and experience across all walks of national and local pro-life ministries. The Summit unites national and local leaders, advocates and organizations through our forums, trainings and excursions.

Network: Simple put, the relationships and contacts built among attendees during the Naples Summit is truly the meat and potatoes of our cause. Our movement must change culture in order to impact law and politics.  Therefore by working together the movement becomes more strategic and more synchronized with highlighting resources and addressing challenges.

Lastly, Service: As part of the annual Naples Pro-Life Summit a community service project has been created to highlight and support local pro-life ministries.  This year a group of leaders visited Sunlight Maternity Home bringing gifts and touring the home. Carolyn Bott provided background and shared stories of her work through Sunlight Home.  A memorable line from her talk was this: “We have mustard sees and we’re not afraid to use them!”  –  Classic!

The 2nd Annual Pro-Life Summit will be announced in the near future!   Stay tuned.


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