Did you know babies can hear in the womb?

March 16, 2021 | by Royce Hood.   Written and performed for baby Fulton Joseph.  Did you know babies can hear in the womb?   Baby Fulton was diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome during his 20 week ultrasound.  This means no kidneys.  No kidneys means no amniotic fluid.  Low or no amniotic fluid means not as much freedom of movement (among other things).  Because of the lower freedom of movement mom’s with no or low amniotic fluid may not feel their baby move or kick as much as might be expected.

After learning the news that our baby, Fulton, had Potter’s Syndrome we made the decision to surround him with as much love and joy as possible.  We made it our mission to make certain Fulton could hear and feel love of his family.   From 20 weeks on Elise played music for Fulton every night.  Fulton’s playlist includes: Nuns produced by our dear friends at DeMontfort Music.  Fulton also hears his song, Fulton’s Song.  

For those who haven’t seen it here is Fulton’s Song: