Update on Baby Fulton with Just Ask Janet Live

Elise and Royce join Janet on Just Ask Janet Live to provide updates on Baby Fulton

2nd Interview with Elise and Royce Hood. With sneak peek of Fulton’s Song

Interview with Elise and Royce Hood with sneak peek of Fulton’s Song.

Please join us in praying for a miracle for our baby Fulton Joseph (number 6 for us).  Fulton is due to be born in March of 2021.  Fulton has Potters Syndrome and a number of other complications that, absent a miracle, all but insure a very short life.  Thank you for your prayers.   Royce & Elise Hood.


Video with Janet Morana, from Priests for Life, spreading the word and asking for prayers for baby Fulton Joseph.  Interview with Elise and Royce Hood.


Fulton’s Song coming soon!  Recorded to Fulton’s heartbeat.  


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