Distinguished Alumni Award – Ave Maria School of Law

The following was posted to Facebook on May 13.  Shared here for the benefit of my friends who do not use FB:

I was humbled and honored to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award during the Ave Maria School of Law class of 2022 graduation ceremony.
First, I am very confident my accomplishments are among the least of my fellow AMSL graduates. But I am moved that a body of my peers felt so inclined to nominate, and ultimately vote for me to receive such an honor.
Second, sharing this day with Elise, my in-laws, and in particular with five of my seven children (ages 8, 7, 5, 4 and 2) was a reward in and of itself. My ultimate goal in life is to get to Heaven. My primary responsibility is to make sure my children are equipped with the foundations of our faith, to understand truth, and to recognize the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. This world is completely upside down. People are so often afraid to speak truth out of fear of being ostracized. Hopefully experiences like today will inspire my children to stand firm in their convictions.
Since graduating Ave Maria School of Law I have focused a great deal of my time on pro-life work. From hosting the annual Law of Life Summit in Washington, DC, to previously serving on the Board of Directors with the March for Life, to organizing pro-life dinner cruises in Naples for the Thomas More Society. Still these efforts of mine are but glitz and glam compared to the tireless efforts of the advocates who pray outside clinics, or who provide critical services to mothers in crisis pregnancies, or who provide counseling and healing ministries post abortion. My efforts are truly de minimis compared to the men and women who simply pray for the conversion of hearts.
For all the unrecognized warriors out there, including the silent patrons from the ranks of my alma mater, I am beyond grateful for you. As the great Joe Scheidler stated (and I paraphrase): We keep fighting for the most vulnerable, forgoing treasure and comfort. We will do so until that fateful day when we hope to hear those words “welcome home my good and faithful servant.”
So again, thank you to all of my AMSL mates who voted for me to receive this recognition. It may seem like a small matter to some but I consider the recognition today as a charge for my efforts moving forward. I hope God will forgive me for the time I have wasted on trivial pursuits. There is so much work to do and such little time. Tomorrow we start anew.