Areas of Law 

Subject  Core  Examples 
Trademarks trademark rights (nationally and internationally)
  • Filing registration applications with the USPTO
  • Responding to Office Actions from USPTO
  • Licensing of intellectual property
  • Monitoring of trademark
  • Cease and desists
  • and more
Real Estate development, entitlement, land use, planning, sales, finance and  management development, entitlement, land use, planning, sales, finance and management
  • Representing buyers and sellers in residential, industrial and commercial transactions
  • Landlord / Tenant matters
  • Title matters and disputes
  • Developments
  • Land entitlement and Land Use
  • Planning
  • Finance and Funding
Business Law Transactions, Dispute Resolution, Startups, Governance and Compliance, General Counsel
  • Company launch
  • General counsel on operational matters
  • Project funding
  • Employment and personnel matters
  • Contracts
Nonprofits / See  Providing outside general counsel services


  • 501c3 matters
  • compliance
  • governance
  • funding
  • transactons
Copyrights / Entertainment Protecting intellectual property rights
  • Film clearances
  • Registration with US Library of Congress
  • Agreement drafting and review for film, music, literature and talent
  • Licensing and Enforcement
  • Transactions
Domains and Websites  Domain name law
  • Sales and Transactions
  • Privacy
  • Terms of Use
  • Funding
  • Launch
  • Sales
General Counsel  General matters for clients including organizations and individuals
  • Consultations
  • Referrals
  • Project Management 

Ancillary Services online demos, websites and audio/visual productions exclusively for existing clients providing services focused on charitable and social enterprise focused causes domain name registration, hosting, web services and support

Fees and Representation

Fees vary depending on the scope of the representation.  Royce Hood generally charges $300 per hour for legal services.  However volume rates and flat fees are offered for specific engagements or monthly services.  

No attorney client relationship exists until established in writing and signed by both parties.