Weekly Shows in Production

Politics, Faith and Culture.  Check out these incredible programs:

Truth, Culture, Life with Royce Hood and Friends, includes co-hosts Father Michael Orsi and Sierra Heitkamp.  A weekly program with Royce Hood, Father Michael Orsi and Sierra Heitkamp.  The program tackles hot issues related to faith, politics, cultural trends, and life-issues including the good, the bad and the just plain crazy.  All from a conservative Christian prospective. Learn more here

Politics and Ale with Paul Pribaz and Royce Hood. The program includes guest commentary, news and opinions on all things political for central Illinois.  Based out of Peoria – hosts Paul Pribaz and Royce Hood dive right in on hot button political issues. From chaos at the school boards to candidates and election news.  Plus, who doesn’t love ale?  Discover Politics and Ale here.  

Truth, Culture, Life

Politically incorrect with a theological prospective.  Don’t miss this entertaining and informative new program.

Politics and Ale

Politics and Ale features guest commentary on all things political south of I80 and focused on Central Illinois.