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Truth, Culture, Life with Royce Hood and Friends, includes co-hosts Father Michael Orsi and Sierra Heitkamp.  

Each show dives right in on the most pressing, important and at times unusual, issues of the day.  Royce, Father Orsi and Sierra tackle faith, politics, cultural trends, and life-issues including the good, the bad and the just plain crazy.  All from a conservative Christian prospective. Spanning three generations the co-hosts offer a refreshingly unique program that combines seriousness with well informed and humorous personalities.  The show also features special guests and nationally known personalities from across the country.

Join Royce Hood along with co-hosts Father Michael Orsi and Sierra Heitkamp for Truth, Culture, Life.

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Catholic Spirit Radio

Our Goals and Vision

To fill an important gap in national radio broadcasting with an entertaining new program that combines faith, politics and life.  The show is produced weekly and is available for syndication and broadcast.  Each program features conversations and short music segments designed to entertain and inform.

Who We Are

Spanning multiple generations, we are opinionated, informed, conservative, concerned and passionate about truth, culture and life, all from the christian prospective. Learn about the host and co-hosts below.


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Truth, Culture, Life is available for broadcast and syndication, royalty free!.

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Meet The Hosts

Royce Hood

Royce Hood


Royce is a husband, father passionate about conservative causes.  He is the host and producer of Truth, Culture, Life.  Using his experience as a public speaker and attorney Royce guides the conversations to keep the program informative and entertaining.   

Sierra Heitkamp

Sierra Heitkamp


Sierra is a native and resident of North Dakota.  She is a political guru and consultant with a big name in North Dakota politics.  Sierra is known as the Conservative Heitkamp.  She is informed, opinionated and adds a youthful outlook representing the next generation in American politics.  Plus, she has her finger on the pulse of rather unique cultural trends.

Fr. Michael Orsi

Fr. Michael Orsi


Father Michael Orsi, is a nationally recognized theologian.  Originally from New York, Father Orsi has lived in Naples, Florida since 2009.  He has authored hundreds of articles that have been published in national publications.  He has been featured on national networks such as EWTN, Fox News and more.  Father Orsi is also the host of Action For Life, a television program that is broadcast throughout Florida. Father brings his Italian charm, pastoral background and practical take on today’s most pressing issues.

Episode 1

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The Inverted Order of Reason (part 1 of 2) 

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Produced weekly.  Each episode runs just under 30 minutes and 2 episodes may be combined to create 1 entertaining hour.  Additionally, we have several other programs under production that may be combined to create up to 2 hours per week of prime programming. Syndication is free for approved radio partners.  Each show also includes breaks for advertising.  Contact us today and we’ll arrange a test-airing of Truth, Culture, Life for your station!