Since that Day (EP) with 4 tracks

On August 1, 2021, Since that Day, EP was released across all major download and streaming platforms.  The extended play single (mini-album) features Since that Day, Fulton’s Song, From this Rock and Before this Altar.

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Since that Day (single)

On November 24, 2012, I married the girl of my dreams, Elise.  Since that day our journey has been incredible.  From having a house full of beautiful children, to practicing law, making films and doing pro-life work.

The Music: During the pandemic I began writing new material and rewriting old material.  After nearly 10 years since I last recorded I decided it was time to hit the studio.  Nestled in an abandoned church in a small corn harvesting town I discovered The Rock Solid Studio and have been hard at work writing and recording.

The music I’m working on blends together sounds and instruments from different genres with the goal to create something truly enjoyable to hear.  But why am I making music?

Music for the kids.  I am making this music for my children.  So much of what we hear in the mainstream pollutes the mind and soul.  My music isn’t preachy or cheesy.  It’s fun yet wholesome.  Catchy grooves, cool beats and rhythms and an original sound you are sure to enjoy.

The single Since that Day was released on or about November 24, 2020 (my 8th anniversary gift to Elise) .  God willing in 2021-2022 I’ll be releasing a number of songs about my life, my love, my kids, my faith and about the dignity of the human person.

I’d be honored if you would give my work a listen.

Fulton's Song (single)

Recorded to Fulton’s heartbeat captured by audio recording at 22-week ultrasound.

In November of 2020, shortly before releasing Since that Day, Elise and I discovered that our 6th baby (due to be born on March 31, 2021) had something called Potter’s Syndrome.  This means the baby has no kidneys and no bladder (in addition to other medical complications).  Devastated we took the news to prayer.

A few weeks after the initial diagnosis we learned our 6th baby was a boy.  We named him Fulton Joseph. 

Fulton’s Song: At about 18 weeks a baby can hear from within the womb!  Knowing this we wanted to give Fulton as much love and joy possible.  During the 22-week ultrasound we recorded the audio of Fulton’s heartbeat and the inspiration for his song hit me.  Using an acoustic guitar, tuned to drop D with a capo at the fourth fret, I started finger picking and strumming different chords.  I wanted to speak and sing directly to Fulton.  I also wanted to help other’s who face difficult pregnancies and so I wrote lyrics that represented the reality of our conscious decision to fully submit to God’s will.

“Before this Cross we surrender our hearts.”  For me this opening verse represents our complete surrender to God’s will.  However it also represented our sincere desire to place our petition for a complete miracle at the foot of Jesus on the Cross.  For us, the Cross is accepting God’s Will while also growing in our faith.

Different people deal with stress and emotion in different ways.  For Elise and I we relied heavily on prayer and faith to accept the Cross before us.  For me writing music is a way to express my love and emotion.

Fulton’s Song was first released on Thursday, March 11 after the airing of a special report on EWTN about Fulton’s journey.  The response from people around the world was as beautiful as it was inspiring.  Fulton brought thousands of people together in prayer.  

Fulton passed away a few days before he was born on Good Friday,  April 2, 2021.  You can reach about his story at   My hope is that Fulton’s story, and perhaps his song, will inspire others to love more fully the gifts and blessings they have. Perhaps Fulton’s story will save others.

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