Holy War, a song inspired by Psalms 144

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Psalms 144: Give Praise to the Lord my rock. Train my hands for war. My fingers for battle…

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Lyrics inspired by Psalms 144. Holy War is the title track from the upcoming Bellum Sacrum album by Royce Hood. An epic song for the times. A war is raging between good and evil. From woke ideologies to godlessness. Our culture has seemingly forgotten about God. And in doing so people have brought chaos into their lives. Chaos is a lack of order. People ignore the natural law which has been imprinted on all of our hearts. But amidst the darkness there are beacons of light. People who shine with the love of Christ offer a resistance to worldliness. We know the good news. Our treasure and our wealth is eternal life.


Royce Hood is producing music inspired by his catholic-christian faith.  Holy War the song will be featured on the upcoming Bellum Sacrum album which translates to holy war.  Be sure to life, subscribe, comment and share.  Thanks for the support. 

1st Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit

1st Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit

Royce Hood hosted the first Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit in Naples, Florida.  Presented by Action for Life and co-sponsored by distinguished groups such as Leadership Institute, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Choose Life Marketing, LifeSiteNews, Heroic Media and more....