Royce Hood interviews Father Carlos Martins about Father’s hit podcast the Exorcist Files.  

On this special episode of Truth Culture Life you will hear (among other things):

  • 1. Details about Father Martin’s conversion from atheist to priest to exorcist;
  • 2. Additional background and context from Father Martin’s real exorcism cases shared during the first season of the Exorcist Files podcast; plus
  • 3. Father shares the importance of baptism;
  • 4. Details about Father’s next project (hint it’s a book); and
  • 5. Answers to questions posted by listeners and friends via FaceBook including how people can protect themselves and their families from demonic attacks. is the official website for the hit series the Exorcist Files.

Royce also asks Father about the reaction from the secular world.  Plus hear statements from Father on the shocking rise in demonic activity.  Official website for Exorcist Files is 

Truth Culture Life is a radio show and podcast. This episode originally aired via radio broadcast on Catholic Spirit Radio in Illinois. The podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and iHeart. Visit to learn more about the show.