Updates on the Radio Show, The Naples Summit, Music and More!

Radio Show: Truth, Culture, Life is now being broadcast on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings on Catholic Spirit Radio throughout central and northern Illinois.  Listeners can also download the Catholic Spirit Radio app and listen from anywhere.   Father Orsi, Sierra Heitkamp and Royce Hood deliver an entertaining and informative program every week!   Let us know what you think.  Follow the show and interact with the hosts on Facebook.com/truthculturelifepod 

Naples Summit.  The First Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit has been announced for March 29-30th.  This is 2-days packed full of excursions, retreats, a pro-life pep rally, a community service project and Law of Life Summit.   Read all the details at LawLife.org.  Register at NaplesSummit.com 

Music.  It’s recording season again!  Royce has around 10 songs in productions that will be finished soon.  A crowdfunding campaign is in the works to generate the support needed to finish production of some incredible tracks. 

More.  Stella Mar films, after 7 years, has finally finished Cross Mountain!  Check out theatrical screenings here. 

Happy Lent! 

Royce Hood Team

1st Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit

1st Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit

Royce Hood hosted the first Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit in Naples, Florida.  Presented by Action for Life and co-sponsored by distinguished groups such as Leadership Institute, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Choose Life Marketing, LifeSiteNews, Heroic Media and more....