Discovering the sound of Nick & Alina De La Torre


By Royce Hood.   I recently discovered the music and recordings by Nick and Alina when I stumbled upon their Divine Mercy Chaplet Album.  It’s a super cool blend of melodic beats with stunning vocals.  This post focuses on the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  It’s a really unique way to present the Chaplet and I can imagine could be an incredible evangelization tool.  So for anyone not in to the spoken word, or for those just discovering the beauty of Divine Mercy, this album might offer a cool way to inch in closer to your faith.   CrackedStone has no involvement with Nick and Alina other than being a fan.

Here is an excerpt from Nick and Alina’s official website describing their art: “Collaborators in songwriting and performing since 2006, Nick and Alina have fused their creative fires to illuminate the trials and triumphs of the human experience. The duo impacts their audiences through powerful testimony, moving vocals and songs that burn through with Truth, Love, Inspiration, and Beauty.” Read more at

A couple of other tracks by Nick and Alina De La Torre.   Check them out on youtube at: