Since That Day, Extended Play (mini album) out now!

Royce Hood’s new mini-album called Since that Day, EP is now available for download and streaming across all major platforms.  The EP includes Since That Day, Fulton’s Song, From this Rock and Before this Altar!


Since That Day, was Royce’s first release back in November of 2020 to commemorate his 8th wedding anniversary.  Fulton’s Song was released in March of 2021 to share the story about baby Fulton Joseph who suffered from Potter’s Syndrome.  The song was recorded to the sound of Fulton’s heartbeat captured at Fulton’s 22-week ultrasound.  From this Rock is a track about the power of the Holy Spirit.  Finally, Before this Altar is a song about the sanctity of marriage.  Music videos for From this Rock and Before this Altar will be coming soon. 

In other news: Fulton’s Song has been submitted for consideration for radio rotation through a service called Play MPE.  The goal is to secure one or more station rotations by August 15.  We’ll see if anyone takes a bite at the apple!   Fulton’s Song is also playing on a handful of Catholic radio stations in the midwest and in New England.   Thanks for the listens!  

Please be sure to check out Royce Hood, Since That Day, EP on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and across all other major streaming apps!  Show some love!

Fulton’s 1st Birthday

Fulton’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Fulton One year ago my tearful eyes gazed upon your precious little body.We took turns holding you in our arms.We smiled, we cried and we prayed.You were perfect then. And you are perfect now. Although we are apart, we take comfort in knowing you are...

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