December 6, 2021 by Royce Hood.

Before this Altar was released on November 24, the day Elise and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  Exactly one year earlier, on November 24, 2020, I released my first song since being married called Since that Day.  So it seems I am starting a little tradition which naturally creates a lofty goal to release a new track each year on my anniversary.  God’s will be done.

Before this Altar is the fifth and final track from the Since that Day, EP.   This song is truly about true love in that the lyrics celebrate the sanctity of marriage as a vocation.  Of course we know that True Love was God becoming man and sacrificing himself on the cross so that each of us could receive everlasting life.  But true love in the sense of a man and a woman within the eyes of the Church is what this song focuses on.  Still, when I was editing the music video I added in one brief clip demonstrating God’s true love for humanity.  Can you find it?  If so let me know.   I digress.

Marriage is truly a vocation.  If you have been called to the vocation of marriage, than everything else excluding the salvation of your soul, should come second.  Marriage takes sacrifice, determination, patience, obedience, virtue, honesty and humility.  A successful marriage requires a commitment before God.  And so I wanted to celebrate the vocation of marriage through the song and music video that I share below.  Thank you for reading my rambling.  Thank you for listening and watching.  And finally thank you for your prayers.

United in prayer!


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