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Exorcist Files Special interview with Fr Carlos Martins on demonic possession, his podcast and more

Hear Father Martins discuss his podcast the Exorcist Files plus details on how you can protect your family

Teresa Tomeo joins the radio show as a special guest!

Royce Hood, Father Michael Orsi and Sierra Heitkamp are joined by Teresa Tomeo in the latest episode of Truth, Culture, Life.  Teresa talks about her latest book and the impact her Italian-mother had on her upbringing and life.  Don't miss this entertaining episode!...

Royce helps to host Catholic Spirit Radio Care-A-Thon

Catholic Spirit Radio (Illinois) holds annual Care-A-Thon Royce Hood joined other hosts for a 3-day live event to support Catholic Spirit Radio, an EWTN Affiliate, in central and northern Illinois.  Royce went live on the air with personalities such as Teresa Tomeo...