Domains Related to Food & Beverage 

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Hungry for a premium food domain?

Food Related Domains.  Food & Beverage is an area I frankly love, namely because I enjoy food.  Here are a few domains I own related to F&B.

  • paired with Have you tried a biscuit burger?  Add your favorite burger patty to a fresh biscuit.  It’s incredible. I enjoy these so much I had to register the domain just because (I think BiscuitBurger could be a really cool fast-food biz).
  • Honestly I imagine this could be more related to a business news or perhaps business reviews site.  Still since it incorporates the word soda I include in my F&B portfolio. 
  • Also not really food related.  But a site dedicated to California could certainly showcase popular grub locations.  

The big one: 

  • paired with  I also own the .net and .org singular and plural variants.  I love cheese burgers on the grill.  This is frankly a longer domain name so in terms of normal metrics might not have the same value as say “” which is far shorter.  Still I consider  holding the singular and plural for all three major domain types (.com, .net. and .org) to be what I refer to as a blockout position.   I imagine GrilledCheeseBurger paired with along with the .net and .org domains to be a great play for either a national restaurant or perhaps grill company.   I toyed for a time with creating a burger blog site showcasing best burgers in the country.  But with traveling less I set that effort aside for now.    Not sure about who ever is reading this but reading the name “” really makes me hungry. 


  • paired with  I mean come’ on!  Who doesn’t love nachos.  .XYZ is a new gTLD and not yet well known among consumers.  The extension .xyz has seen some big players such as Alphabet, Inc., registering   Still time will tell if this extension picks up speed with consumers.  In the meantime, and is a 10 year hold for me.  Hoping to sell the domains in the future. 
  •  I think this domain would be great for a beachside bar of some sort (preferably in Florida or the Bahamas perhaps).